How to be part of CELL's #wikigap Maastricht 2019

All participants should create an editing account on Wikipedia and then register on our event’s own Wikipedia page by adding your name to the Participant's list, you can register here.

If you have trouble registering, don't worry! Just email us at or get help from us on the day of the event.

Think about female artists, figures, experts who you think have made a contribution to society and see whether they are represented on Wikipedia. We will also prepare a list of 'missing women' from Wikipedia for you to add on the day.

Every participant should bring their own laptop or tablet to the event. Don't have a laptop? Don't worry. A small number of laptops will be available for you to use.

At the 'edit-a-thon' will have at least 6 Wikipedia editors to help participants with any technical question.

At The Student Hotel Maastricht there will be pizza, refreshments, ping pong and other amenities to ensure you have fun while you edit, translate or create new articles.

Our 'edit-a-thon' will take place on Friday, March 8th from 12:00-16:00. Can't stay for the entire day? That's okay!
-If you have 30 minutes, update an existing page with more detail.
-If you have 45 minutes, translate an existing page so that it reaches a wider audience.
-If you have 1-2 hours, write an entirely new article.

Do you have a question?


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How to close the #wikigap?


CELL FOUNDATION's mission is to reduce divisive stereotypes and discriminatory content in school textbooks and other learning resources. We have detected a clear gender imbalance in the way the world's largest online encyclopedia has been constructed, a problem that creates a biased understanding of history by millions of students around the world.

Bringing the first #WikiGap event to the city of Maastricht is a 'must' for two main reasons: 1- It's in our foundation's spirit to reduce all forms of divisive learning and 2- We are a part of the Limburg community and, therefore, we are dedicated to the educational and cultural development of our region and the city of Maastricht.

#WikiGap is a campaign that gathers people around the world to add more content to Wikipedia about women experts, public figures and role models in various fields. We know this will be the first of many #WikiGap events in Maastricht and we are convinced our city will work hard to close this unacceptable educational and cultural gap and to bring about a more gender-equal internet.

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