CELL FOUNDATION is organizing Maastricht's first #WikiGap event. Scroll down and click around to understand the cultural gap we aim to reduce with your help on March, 8th 2019.


Just 20% of Wikipedia articles are about women.

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wikipedia is an education medium used by classrooms across the world. The #wikigap is about a gap in what and how we learn.


In under-representing women, a divisive picture is created about us and our society as a whole.

#wiki gap

Join the movement on Friday, 8th March at The Student Hotel in Maastricht. Contribute to close the #wikigap


CELL FOUNDATION's mission is to reduce divisive stereotypes and discriminatory content in school textbooks and other learning resources. We have detected a clear gender imbalance in the way the world's largest online encyclopedia has been constructed, a problem that creates a biased understanding of history by millions of students around the world.

Bringing the first #WikiGap event to the city of Maastricht is a 'must' for two main reasons: 1- It's in our foundation's spirit to reduce all forms of divisive learning and 2- We are a part of the Limburg community and, therefore, we are dedicated to the educational and cultural development of our region and the city of Maastricht.

#WikiGap is a campaign that gathers people around the world to add more content to Wikipedia about women experts, public figures and role models in various fields. We know this will be the first of many #WikiGap events in Maastricht and we are convinced our city will work hard to close this unacceptable educational and cultural gap and to bring about a more gender-equal internet.

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